TH_gloomGloom is the guise for multi-instrumentalist and Eugene, OR native Britt Thomas Brady. Gloom has been referred to as psy-trance and, more quixotically, psy-prance. Gloom’s 2013 LP Subliminal Fortress accrued a cult following with its loose, dreamy melodies and organic coalescence of synths, percussion, and nuanced field recordings.

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High Tide, Gloom’s latest EP and first release under Tipping Hand Recordings, finds Brady’s sound in a rapid state of evolution. Gone is the sprawling, fanciful daydreaming, replaced by a sound more focused, sepulchral, and saturnine, demonstrating a musician determined to cut deeper into the emotional undercurrents and heady moods that chart a surreptitious course. Gloom’s signature compounds of smooth percussion, clapping beats and eerie field effects are still here, in full force, but they seem to serve a far graver, more powerful master this time.