Somfay / Borealis

BorealisFor Canadian electronic producer Jesse Somfay, music is high bandwidth communication. Composing both under his given name, and his pseudonym Borealis, Jesse’s primary focus is translating and sharing, through music, powerful emotions and experiences which cannot easily be defined. 

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Jesse Somfay first started garnering a following in the two-thousands with his contemplative, minimalist techno albums on cologne-based label Traum Schallplatten, and the Canadian label Archipel. Somfay showed uncommon versatility, moving from understated dance tracks to emotive electronic ballads.

His breakthrough work came with A Catch in the VoiceResident Advisor compared the album’s depth and atmospheric density to the immersive worlds of postmodern literature, while Igloo Magazine declared A Catch in the Voice a “genuinely intoxicating” album whose producer had honed his technique “to perfection.” Most important, it introduced fans of experimental electronic music to an ambitious new voice that wasn’t afraid to imbue his crescendoing synthscapes with naked emotional candor.

In 2012, Somfay released his first album under the Borealis moniker, Voidness (Origami Sound). An ambitious piece of abstract experimentalism. Nineteen tracks that all seemed to live up to their album’s namesake, with eerie alien synths bleeding into soundscapes dense with crackling tape hiss and strident, industrial drum loops.

2013′s Glittervoice (Origami Sound) shrunk down the terrifyingly immense, event-horizon vision of Voidness for something faster, more empathic, and more human. The album pulsates with trance beats, speedball rhythms and breakneck drum loops, rising toward a beautiful convergence with synth textures.

2015 saw Borealis creating an entirely new sound with Kallionyma (Tipping Hand). Ditching the more ambient, melancholic themes of his previous two full-lengths as Borealis, on Kallionyma the Ontario-based musician takes inspiration from the palettes and moods of Boards of Canada, synthesizing broken beats, left-field arrangements and emotive builds, creating an EP of generally happy and exploratory music.